Watterson Family-Big hills springs park

This was my third time getting to capture this beautiful family! First for Maggie and Dave's wedding in the mountains of Banff, then when they were expecting their first baby Sydney and now while they await the arrival of their baby girl. It's a good thing we didn't wait any longer to do the photos-little Sofia decided to arrive 3 weeks early and is now safe and sound with her family. I have loved watching their family grow and change and be able to capture the memories for them!

Family walking away in a field
Small boy stands in front of family while they smile at him
Young boy runs toward his family
Parents walk hand in hand with young son
Grandparents smile while holding young grandson
Grandson kisses grandmother on the cheek
You0ng curly haired boy holds mans hand while walking
Family in a field smile
Parents and young son smile while sitting in a grassy field
Parents hold young son while mother smiles
Pregnant mother smiles at curly haired son
Pregnant mother smiles while holding curly haired son
Young curly haired boy sitting on a log
Husband and wife touch her pregnant belly
Family of 3 stand in front of waterfall