The toews family

Get ready to see some gorgeous mountain photos of an even more gorgeous family! The best part about this family is that they have so much fun together-even when arctic winds are blowing and it's freezing!!!!- That's September (yes September not December) in Alberta for you 😆 Last time we took their photos there were only 3 family members-this time there were 4 and oh how sweet it was to meet little Ollie and see what a fantastic big brother Lincoln is to him. We love this family so much and hope to do many more mountain sessions with them in the future!

family cuddles and laughs in front of mountains
family of four walks hand in hand in front of mountains
Parents swing and carry boys in front of mountains
mother kisses baby boy on the cheek
mother smiles while nuzzling baby boy's face
black and white photo of mom and baby boy cuddling
Mom and dad and two sons smile in front of moutains
family of four stands in front of mountains smiling
Mother holds baby boy while dad holds other boy who kisses mom
boy on dad's shoulders touches moms hair while she smiles at him
boy with beautiful eyes smiles at camera while mother holds him
father and son throw rocks into mountain lake
family of four throw rocks into upper lake kananaskis
family of four crouch on lake shoreline to throw rocks
black and white photo of dad holding son on lake shoreline
mom and dad touch noses while each holding a son
parents kiss and play with two sons on lake shoreline
mother holds baby boy while other son hugs her on lake shoreline
mother holds baby boy while other son hugs her on lake shoreline
dad holds son in blanket to keep him warm
young boy in front of upper kananaskis lake smiles with one eyebrow arched
big brother hugs little brother in front of driftwood
two boys in front of driftwood at mountain lake
family sits in snowy trees and laughs
couple hold hands while looking at the kananaskis mountains
husband looks at wife who smiles while standing in front of kananaskis mountains
man kisses wife on head in front of mountains
couple touch noses while smiling in front of upper kananaskis lake
couple smile while face to face sitting on lake shoreline by the mountains
man sticks tongue out while smiling up at wife who is on his back
man and woman laugh as he gives her a piggyback
family stands and faces mountains while holding hands
dad holds baby boy and has other son on his shoulders in front of mountains
son on dad's shoulders covers his dad's eyes
big brother lovingly holds younger brother in the forest
big brother kisses younger brother on the forehead
2 young boys hold hands in front of trees